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Peanut is a FinTech company with destributed teams around the world and roots in Ukraine.
We has been building DEX solutions for liquidity management, trading, 
and MEV protection since 2015.

Our mission is to accelerate decentralised apps adoption by delivering efficient easy-to-use blockchain products

We have a lot of opportunities for experiments with different approaches and technologies in wide range of products. You’ll never get stuck in legacy support with our team and will always use cutting-edge technologies.

Join Peanut and become a part of new incredible decentralised world!

Our products:

1. Fair Launch
Protect liquidity and token price from sniping bots to get the most out of your DEX listing.

— Create an anti-sniping bot to protect liquidity at listing.
— Prevent pump-n-dumps and have a healthy looking chart.
— Secure extra funds for product development.
— Ensure sustainable token holders growth.
— Get full control over token listing.

2. Smart LP
Smart LP is an automated liquidity manager for Uniswap v3 that adjusts price ranges based on real-time market conditions to maximise LP profits and reduce risks.

— Put Liquidity 
on Autopilot.
— Always earn highest swap fees with automated liquidity price range strategies.
— Drastically reduce risks of liquidity inactivity and impermanent loss — Peanut moves price ranges based on current market conditions.

3. Feeno
Integrate Feeno into your app to enable ETH-free transactions and swaps, provide 100% front-run protection and offer a cashback to your users.

— With Feeno, any transaction or swap doesn’t require ETH — commissions are paid in erc-20 tokens and are sent directly to miners.
— Never be front-runned again — Feeno uses its own relayer to send transactions directly into blockchain, so bots sitting in mempool can’t attack it.
— Every user who makes a swap on DEX that creates pricing disbalance will be rewarded with a “cash-back”.
— Never Pay for a Failed Transactions.

4. Hedge
Peanut Hedge allows liquidity providers to easily hedge risks of impermanent loss (IL) by providing access to CEX crypto options without the need for KYC.

— One Interface to Access Multiple Pools.
— Calculate & Forecast your potential profits, risks and cost of protection.
— Easily buy Put or Call Crypto Options from all available offers across all CEXs.
— No KYC Required.

5. DEX MM Platform
Put DEX market making on autopilot with Mempool Scan and MEV.

— Monitor transactions before they go into a blockchain, simulate post transaction state of the chain and adjust your DEX trades accordingly.
— Create algorithmic actions based on current market conditions — sell when they buy and buy when they sell.
— Retain liquidity custody.
— Manage your DEX army from single interface.