About us Payop is a payment service provider, licensed by MAS (Singapore) and FINTRAC (Canada). We collect payments from the website through Payop checkout page. We offer 500+ international and local payment methods in one single integration and help to simplify payment control through the unified interface.
28 березня 2024

Chief Operations Officer


Job summary
Payop is a payment service provider, licensed by MAS (Singapore) and FINTRAC (Canada). We offer 500+ international and local payment methods in one single integration and help to simplify payment control through the unified interface. We’re seeking a dynamic and experienced COO to lead our teams in ensuring the smooth running and continuous improvement of our operations, driving efficiency, and supporting our ambitious growth trajectory. In this position, you will oversee and improve the operational activities of the company and its specific processes.

Regulatory licensing and compliance
— Drive and be in charge of financial licensing processes in the EU, Singapore, and other regions
— Serve as a main liaison for correspondence with local law firms, auditors, regulators
— Stay abreast of all applicable financial regulations, including banking, securities, anti-money laundering (AML), know your customer (KYC), and data protection laws
— Develop and implement compliance strategies and policies to ensure the company operates within the bounds of the law
— Oversee and coordinate regulatory audits and examinations

Risk Management
— Identify, assess, and manage operational risks, including cybersecurity and fraud risks
— Collaborate with CISO on developing and implementation of cybersecurity policies and procedures across the organization
— Establish risk mitigation strategies and procedures to protect the company, its information, clients, partners and stakeholders interests

Team Leadership
— Streamline and optimize operational processes to enhance the efficiency of cross-department operations, tasks, and processes.
— Ensure the tasks and processes are relevant for the specific departments and the execution is most effective.
— Oversight of the legal and RV team to ensure smooth licensing, AML, and onboarding processes in the company.
— Manage and constantly improve legal, risk and verification, financial control, and payment operations functions across the company.
— Be in charge of OKRs planning and evaluation per department
— Controlling onboarding quality across the department
— Provide mentorship and professional development opportunities for team members.
— Be in charge of Singapore and European branch opening, performance, and management.

Technology and Infrastructure
— Ensure the security and resilience of fintech systems, including cybersecurity measures
— In cooperation with the IT department, drive innovation in technology to maintain a competitive edge

Financial Management
— Develop and manage the company’s budget, ensuring fiscal responsibility and resource allocation. (for team expansion, new offices, region expansions and licence acquisition)
— Collaborate with finance and accounting teams on financial reporting, timely passing of statutory audits, and compliance
— Be in charge of cost management resource allocation, manage financial budgets, and forecasts, and ensure cost-effective operations

Strategic Planning
— Contribute to the development and execution of the company’s strategic plan, including expansion, new offices opening, expansion into new regions, and acquisition of new licences
— Constantly contribute to the overall corporate strategy

Vendor and Partner Management
— Evaluate and manage relationships with third-party vendors, service providers, financial providers, banks, payment systems and partners
— Collaborate with payment operations and act as a main liaison for all financial providers and partners

Board Relations
— Report regularly to the CEO and board of directors on operational performance, regulatory compliance, and risk management
— Lead the response to crises and emergencies, maintaining business continuity and minimizing risks
— Engage with the CEO or directors on strategic initiatives, risk assessments, crisis management business continuity plans, and compliance matters
— Provide regular updates and recommendations to the CEO regarding operational and regulatory issues

— A master’s degree in Finance, Management, Law, or a related field is preferred.
— MBA would be an additional plus (however, it’s optional)

Language Skills
— Proficiency in English, Ukrainian, and Russian (C1 Fluent level)

— Minimum of 5 years of experience in roles such as COO, Head of Operations, Head of Payments, or Head of Legal in international payment, financial, fintech, hi-tech, challenger banking, merchant service providers, or regulatory/financial consultancy firms
— Experience in companies with a headcount ranging from 50 to 300 employees
— Over 10 years of overall professional experience in international companies, with a track record of managing international teams ranging from 10 to 50 employees
— Proven experience in enhancing company operations and performance, ideally having worked in organizations that transitioned from startup to established enterprise levels
— Strong expertise in strategic planning and a structured approach to achieving business goals.
— Proficiency in technology and a solid understanding of fintech-related software and systems, including blockchain, payment processing, cybersecurity, and anti-fraud measures.
— Strong risk assessment and management skills, particularly related to the unique risks associated with fintech, such as cybersecurity threats
— Demonstrated ability to scale and manage operations effectively in fast-growing organizations, including experience in opening and developing offices in different regions
— Experience in implementing and managing OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for performance analysis and development
— Proficiency in financial management, including budgeting, financial forecasting, and resource allocation
— Excellent communication skills to interact with internal teams, external partners, and regulatory bodies, with the ability to convey complex financial and technical information clearly

— Understanding of international corporate law, general tax principles, due diligence for corporate entities, and EU licensing and compliance principles
— A strong ability to align operational strategies with the company’s overarching vision and growth objectives
— Proven experience in setting and executing operational goals and KPIs
— Exceptional leadership skills to build and manage cross-functional teams effectively
— A history of fostering a collaborative and innovative culture within organizations
— Knowledge and experience with cybersecurity and fraud policies and practices implementation
— Proficiency in managing and structuring cross-functional teams
— Familiarity with CRM systems, such as Jira or similar tools
— Previous experience in regulated companies and achieving financial, banking, or other licensing in EU, UK, HK, Singapore, or other developed countries/regions is a significant advantage
— Entrepreneurship experience would be considered a plus

We offer
— Challenging projects shaping the future of FinTech
— Ability to play a key role in developing and launching best-in-class FinTech solutions that revolutionize the industry
— Work in an agile environment fostering speed, flexibility, and teamwork
— Remote work (or work from our office if Kyiv, Warsaw)

Hiring process

→ CV screening
→ HR interview
→ HM interview
→ Job Offer

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