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About us

Payop is a payment service provider, licensed by MAS (Singapore) and FINTRAC (Canada). We collect payments from the website through Payop checkout page. We offer 500+ international and local payment methods in one single integration and help to simplify payment control through the unified interface.

Our services

Payop offers the largest payment coverage on the market alongside with unique payment methods we develop. We move faster than competitors. We change approach of website owners to payment processing and we grow their profit from their websites through education and payer-oriented approach.

Large number of payment methods we offer for a reason. Visa, Mastercard and PayPal can’t help to collect payments from the international website, they are popular in North America, Europe and Australia. People in different countries have different payment habits.

You can go to China with your credit card, you will be able to pay only in touristic places. Local people don’t use these cards in their daily life. But Alipay QR code is present in every shop, you can even buy street food and pay with a local ewallet. On Payop checkout payers from every country will find a familiar payment method they use on a daily basis. Three clicks and payment is done.

Among popular payment methods that we offer Payop develops its own payment channels in Europe. We participate in Open Banking popularisation, it’s a new bank transfer technology supported by the European Union. Our technical and financial expertise helps us to create innovations and move all market forward. We’ve already created three unique features and we plan to disrupt the payment market in 2024.

Payop Team

Payop Team is young, ambitious and hardworking. Our product is technology, but people create this code. We keep learning and experimenting with new ideas. Payop Team fuels our rocket growing product.

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