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27 лютого 2023

International Lawyer


Key tasks and role:
➢ We’re looking for the Lawyer who will support fintech focused commercial legal processes. In this role you will be responsible for working with international company clients, regulators and agents. The specialist will work in collaboration with the team of strong professionals.
The primary responsibilities:
➢ Provide legal support based on the legislation of Great Britain in contract law, commercial law, law of international treaties, international private law, tax law, labor law, financial law, guided by the current legal acts of each of the jurisdictions
➢ Consideration of claims from clients, partners or a state authority
➢ Writing responses to complaints from clients, partners or a state authority
➢ Registration of legal entities, study the specifics of incorporation in the specified country, contacting local agents, clarifying the issues of conditions, prices and potential risks
➢ Development structures of the new companies, providing their activity according to the legislation of the state, where they registered
➢ Opening bank accounts in various jurisdictions, as well as accounts in payment systems for legal entities
➢ Submission and receipt of payment licenses by legal entities
➢ Conducting negotiations with partners, agents, state authorities
➢ Drafting, signature and issue of legal opinions on certain questions in regards to law and its application
➢ Consulting to minimize risks and negative legal consequences for the company
➢ Manage legal risks that may arise as a result of the company’s commercial activities
➢ Preparing documents and politics providing Fintech activity of the company
➢ Work with regulators and agents
19. Requirements & Skills
➢ Deep knowledge of English legislation
➢ Experience in obtaining financial licenses
➢ Experience in Fintech or Payment Systems
➢ Experience in successful negotiations with providers, agents and state authorities
➢ Experience in working with complains
➢ Knowledge the procedure of registration new companies in EU, USA, Canada and Singapore
➢ English: C1-C2