Welcome to Paymentop: Pioneering Advanced Fintech Solutions

About us

Founded in 2017, Paymentop has rapidly emerged as a leader in the development and integration of high-loaded fintech platforms, adhering to PCI DSS L1 standards.
Our journey began in Ukraine and Poland, where we established a dynamic group of companies specialising in cutting-edge virtual banking and e-wallet solutions.

Our Team

We’ve grown to a dedicated team of 97 professionals committed to driving innovation in the fintech sector. Our team’s diversity and expertise are our greatest strengths, fueling our continuous growth and success.

Core Values and Company Culture

At Paymentop, we are driven by a set of core values:
— Innovation and customer focus.
— Inclusivity, diversity, and a strong emphasis on teamwork.

Strategic Goals

Global Recognition:
To become a world-renowned independent vendor and developer of FinTech software and products.
Inspiring Work Environment:

To provide a place where specialists are motivated to develop, grow professionally, and innovate together with the company.
Sustainable Growth: To ensure stable growth with proportional improvements in effectiveness.
Transparency and Predictability: To achieve transparency and predictability in development, releases, and product launches.
Goals-Oriented and Product-Centric Approach: To remain focused on achieving specific goals and maintaining a strong product-centric ethos.
Optimal Technology and Infrastructure: To acquire technology and infrastructure that is optimal for expansion and development; easy to understand, code, support, maintain, and secure for use.
Product Unification: To unify products for re-usage, customization, and white labeling of our modules and platforms.
World-Class Payment Gateway: To launch a world-class payment gateway by the end of 2024.
Compliance Verification Builder Launch: To introduce a compliance verification builder for internal products by the end of Q1 2024 and a compliance (form builder) product for the mass market by mid-2025.
Leading White Label Solutions: To provide secure, easy-to-implement, high-load, highly functional, and world-class white label solutions for FinTech by the end of 2025.

Our Services

Paymentop offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored to the evolving needs of the fintech industry:

1. Neobanking: Tailored for e-Wallets

We specialise in creating and setting up Neobanking systems, offering:
— Support of SWIFT/SEPA incoming and outgoing payments, local bank transfers, card payments and replenishment, P2P transfers and currency exchange inside of clients’ accounts;
— Providing European IBAN bank details for payments in different currencies for individuals and legal entities. With the option of account remote opening and management of private and commercial financial flows with the possibility to send and receive SEPA/SWIFT/TARGET2 transfers and local bank transfers;
— Currency exchange in real time with transparent and predictable rates;
— Providing trading accounts (merchant accounts) for businesses with different payment methods for their clients including acquiring, alternative payment methods, replenishment etc.;
— Mass payments, payroll projects;
— All services available through dashboard and via API;
The developed IT resources are deployed and could be accessed in the cloud data storage (Amazon AWS datacenter is mainly used), we provide cloud computing and data processing, posting of information on web sites and related activities.

2. PSP: A Comprehensive Offering

Paymentop provides core and all possible modules for creation of PSP (Payment service providers) supported by:
— Over 500 financial integrations.
— External financial methods integrations and support from basic Visa/Mastercard acquiring, wallets, bank transfers, direct debits, prepaid cards, cryptocurrency and local payments to unique in Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa and Oceania.
— Currency exchange in real time with transparent and predictable rates.
— Mass payments and payroll projects.
— Simple integration through one API.
— Advanced e-commerce and e-wallet solution with the most advanced functionality on the market (e.g. combination of Revolut and Paypal all-1-one).
— KYC and compliance modules, onboarding, setting up customer accounts.
— Efficient payment routing and transaction monitoring.

E-commerce Solutions

We help with setup for online businesses, financial companies, marketplaces:
— Which has needs to start receiving payments in new geography or launch a new feature.
— Which has expensive and/or slow, non-flexible, outdated payment software, luck of support, legal.
— Which starts a new products/services with another risk level or industry.
— Which wants to increase conversion by adding new payment methods and doesn’t have sufficient resources in legal, technical, support, financial departments.

We develop and support:

— Card payment processing.
— E-money payment processing, alternative payment methods (including direct debit).
— Payment processing for all types of business.

Comprehensive Financial Services:

We provide extensive financial services to support our clients’ diverse needs:
— Legal support and financial reconciliations, control and support.
— Full-stack IT development, QA testing, and business analysis.
— State-of-the-art UX/UI design and innovative marketing services.

Global Reach, Local Impact

Our global client base includes renowned payment companies and neobanks from Europe, America, and Asia, a testament to our expansive reach and significant impact in the fintech domain.

Employee Well-being and Development

We believe in nurturing our team’s growth through:
— Continuous learning and career advancement opportunities.
— Emphasis on work-life balance and mental health.
— Rewarding excellence and innovation through our comprehensive bonus programs.

Our Mission and Vision

Our vision includes market expansion, technological innovation, and enriching the customer and employee experience.

Community and Social Engagement

Paymentop is committed to making a positive impact through:
— Active participation in community service and charitable initiatives.
— Promoting social responsibility in our business practices.

Join Our Journey

As we redefine the landscape of fintech solutions, we invite you to be part of our journey.
At Paymentop, innovation, teamwork, and making a positive global impact are at our heart.

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