Patrianna is a super fast-growing product development company headquartered in Gibraltar with colleagues around the world. We are looking for exceptional, smart talent striving to be number one. Motivated and capable of scaling up business functions at pace through domain expertise and a desire to continuously improve.
17 жовтня 2023

Senior Java Engineer (вакансія неактивна)


We are looking for a Senior Java Engineer for our team in Ukraine on a full-time basis. You will join a super fast-growing social gaming company.
We are building a global social entertainment platform initially focusing on the North American market. This is an exciting opportunity to join a fast-growing team in the early stages of incredible month-on-month growth with multiple opportunities to further your career and development as the business continues to grow.This role assumes a strong(!) Senior Java Engineer (or Staff Engineer if you will) to join a newly formed Backend Platform Improvements team. This team is focused on cross-cutting improvements in our platform as a whole (not to be confused with developing its Core services). You will work on a wide range of interesting and challenging tasks (sometimes not well-formulated and you should be fine with that):
Examples of tasks:

  • Rewrite old backoffice using new tools (like
  • Split a bigger service into two and do not break anything
  • Introduce OpenTelemetry as metrics lib/platform and integrate it with Grafana suite
  • Improving CI/CD process/pipelines, or in some other way increasing engineering productivity
  • Integrate with or any other cool modern service providers


  • All the codebase is new and written by experienced engineers. We do not have legacy.
  • We prefer to buy managed solutions or other services if we can, rather then invent in-da-house wheels/bicycles and support them forever
  • Our CTO is an expereinced hands-on engineer, who is actively working on our codebase, so he is aware of all our needs and priorities
  • Scrum is not a religion, we will take the best of it and ignore the rest (bye-bye planning poker)

Candidate Profile:

  • an expert in distributed systems with proven record of supporting complex high-load systems
  • have enough experience and expertise in the field to be able ready to jump into a new codebase and develop a new feature or solve the specific issue without much context
  • highly motivated (!): as engineers, we deal with a plethora or modern technologies in the (actually!) fast-growing company. We are looking for someone who is going to appreciate the benefits of that.
  • responsible and initiate: you will have lots of opportunities to showcase your skills and learn stuff, but if you suggest smth, then be ready to implement it yourself in a time-framed manner
  • self-manageable and do not require constant supervision: noone is going to micromanage you, you will be given lots of freedom and initial trust credit, but you have to be very effective and productive when given a complex task and prove that you deserve it
  • understand that customer experience and company revenue are the highest priority: production problem or DDOS attack is priority number one. Be ready to jump in and try to help resolving the urgent issue if needed.
  • trust your management, but not be afraid to politely prove your point and stand your ground. We are looking for the best specialist not only to tell them what to do, but to make use of their expertise.
  • understand that priorities change, sometimes often, but ultimately it is in Company’s best interests
  • be ready to quickly learn new technologies and apply them in practice

Our Technologies:

  • Java 17
  • Spring 5+
  • Spring boot 2.5
  • Postgres, Flyway, Ebean ORM, Quartz
  • Kafka 2.8
  • Jakarta, RESTEasy, Websockets
  • Netty
  • Docker, Docker swarm, k8s
  • GCP cloud
  • ELK, Grafana, Sentry, Distributed tracing
  • Micrometer
  • Open containers, JUnit and alike
  • Apache Commons family, Guava, Reactor / RXJava

Technical Requirements:

  • Strong Java: Сore, Collections, Streams
  • Strong Java Concurrency: async programming challenges, Futures, executors etc
  • Strong Spring Core
  • Solid experience with ORM (Hibernate like), SQL (query optimisation)
  • Solid understanding of Kafka
  • Excellent understanding of Web principles, HTTP, REST (including security aspects)
  • Experience with Docker/Podman and ecosystem
  • Experience with one of cloud platforms: AWS, GCP, Azure ...
  • Strong troubleshooting skills (Kibana, Grafana, Sentry, alerts/monitoring/profiling)
  • Good knowledge of Design patterns
  • English: Upper-intermediate+

Would be a plus:

  • JavaScript and familiarity with FE stack (this is a backend position, not fullstack)
  • Ebean
  • Protobuf
  • Google Services: PubSub / AlloyDB


  • Highly competitive salary
  • 30 days off per year + bank holidays
  • Private Healthcare
  • Summer and winter global gathering in Spain/Ukraine
  • Plus the opportunity to join a fast-growing business where the sky’s the limit.