25 травня 2023 10:56

Maksym Tovstenko, Lead Software Developer в Patrianna Limited

I’ve been working at Patrianna for almost two years and during this time I’ve become convinced that it’s a great place for career growth and development as a professional.

The company does not stand still: new projects, new ideas, the team is growing rapidly. There’s no boring support for legacy code, many interesting tasks, the result of your work goes live very quickly. What is very important for me as a developer is that there is a modern and relevant technology stack and an interesting project domain (high load and concurrency). Working conditions make it possible to feel as comfortable as possible — there is an opportunity to work both from the office and remotely, the company provides modern and powerful equipment.

There are also all conditions for ambitious people with burning eyes who want to grow professionally. In addition to salary review and annual bonuses, there are a lot of live examples of career growth (from junior QA to product owner). I personally joined the company as a senior developer, but was later promoted to team leader.

And last but not least, the best team for both work and rest!


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