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Company status in one sentence.
Just were fired in one day and ask to get back in next day.
Think twice before do this mistake.
Be ready to have at least two managers and report them about status everyday.
3 month of summer is lost.

Dear Nikolay,
I trust this message finds you well. Thank you for your recent application and engagement in the interview process, especially considering your previous experience with our company.
As you may recall, your initial tenure as a Senior Java Developer concluded with the decision to part ways. While we respect the decision made at that time, we appreciate your interest in reapplying and exploring the possibility of collaboration once again after a year.
This second attempt underscores your commitment to personal and professional growth, and we acknowledge the significance of such a decision. It’s clear that you believe in the potential for a successful partnership, and we appreciate your continued interest in our organization.
In our evaluation process, we take into account our past collaboration only as an indicator, allowing us to compare and understand the changes and improvements that may have occurred in the intervening year. However, our decision not to proceed with your application primarily stems from a thorough evaluation of the mismatch in expectations, suboptimal outcomes, and performance-related challenges identified through collaborative feedback during both instances of our association.
We want to emphatically state that during both your tenures, the entire team worked diligently to provide full support. Your role required attention from team leaders and colleagues, and the collective effort was aimed at ensuring your success.
We also want to highlight that we took the lessons learned from past experiences seriously.
Subsequently, we have hired a People Partner whose primary focus is to ensure a smooth onboarding process for new candidates. This includes providing constant feedback, especially during the probation period, which we consider extremely important. This proactive step signifies our commitment to learning from past experiences, avoiding mistakes, and valuing the opinions and feedback of our team members.
We recognize that not passing the probation period is always a challenging experience. While this decision may be painful, it’s important to note that the company made a clear step forward when you approached us and asked to come back. We fully acknowledged and accepted the risks involved, recognizing that the experience might not be without its challenges.
Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that we have a two times shorter probation period in Ukraine, despite the standard company-wide duration being six months. This adjustment reflects our commitment to providing clear expectations and fostering an environment where individuals can demonstrate their capabilities effectively.
Should anyone aim to work with you and seek further details on your strengths (which were undoubtedly recognized), we encourage them to reach out to us directly. We’d be more than willing to provide additional insights and information to support your professional journey.
While we genuinely wish you success in your future endeavors, we believe it’s essential to make informed decisions that align with the best interests of both parties. We appreciate your understanding and wish you the very best.

I worked at the company for about 7 months as a QA Engineer, during which time I gained a lot of useful experience.
The company is very attentive to each employee, provides the necessary equipment, everyone’s opinion is important, and there are a lot of interesting tasks.
The team is very good, everyone is helpful, and you never feel left out. There was a quick answer to any questions.

I am very grateful to the company for such a great experience and a great time!

I’ve been working at Patrianna for almost two years and during this time I’ve become convinced that it’s a great place for career growth and development as a professional.

The company does not stand still: new projects, new ideas, the team is growing rapidly. There’s no boring support for legacy code, many interesting tasks, the result of your work goes live very quickly. What is very important for me as a developer is that there is a modern and relevant technology stack and an interesting project domain (high load and concurrency). Working conditions make it possible to feel as comfortable as possible — there is an opportunity to work both from the office and remotely, the company provides modern and powerful equipment.

There are also all conditions for ambitious people with burning eyes who want to grow professionally. In addition to salary review and annual bonuses, there are a lot of live examples of career growth (from junior QA to product owner). I personally joined the company as a senior developer, but was later promoted to team leader.

And last but not least, the best team for both work and rest!

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Адміністрація не здійснює модерацію таких матеріалів, крім як у випадках, прямо передбачених Правилами користування вебсайтом (https://dou.ua/legal/). Адміністрація не уповноважена вирішувати спори, які виникають між користувачами чи з третіми особами, чи бути стороною такого спору. У випадку порушення Ваших прав звертайтесь безпосередньо до автора відповідної інформації чи органу, компетентному вирішувати спори/встановлювати факти подібного роду.