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Attitude makes a big difference. That’s what we absolutely realize and reflect in the way we cooperate with our customers worldwide, as well as in the way we retain our employees.

Particles was founded in 2020 by experts with a professional background in the fields of Business Development/Finance/Consultancy. With clear understanding of what globalization is, the company delivers high standard software development services, with profound technical competency, passion, business professionalism, honesty and willingness to help.

Clients of Particles Global are located across the UK, Europe (Germany, Sweden, Finland, The Netherlands) and the USA, they are product and service businesses from numerous industries: Artificial intelligence, Fintech, eLearning, HR, eCommerce, etc.
Particles helps clients to:
— expand their internal engineering teams;
— understand what a team composition should be to deliver the project;
— clarify technical aspects of the needs;
— come up with the best tech solution for a product, with the help of Solutions Architect;
and this is not the limit.