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12 октября 2021

Project Manager (Scrum expertise)

Харьков, удаленно

Необходимые навыки

— 2+ years of experience in Project Management
— Deep understanding of the Scrum framework
— Upper-Intermediate English, written/spoken is must
— Knowledge of SDLC
— Have excellent soft skills for working with external stakeholders
— Experience with agile methodologies
— Have experience working with multiple project teams at once, as well as teams of 4+ people
— Good project management experience: planning, scheduling, budgeting, issue resolution, change request management, risk management, people management, and release management
— Good team management skills


— Fully remote work and complete freedom in choosing a workspace within the Remote First format
— You are free to build a process you feel comfortable with
— Our well-developed knowledge transfer system will enable you to master new technologies and tools fast
— You will have a lot of opportunities to make your own decisions and hone T-shaped skills since our company has a flat organizational structure


— Build processes on new projects, using the classic Scrum model, expanding the number of its events and team composition to the required level
— Work with customers’ expectations and engage in organizing them
— Run 2 large projects at the same time or 1 large and a couple of small ones: the workload among the team is balanced
— Engage in People Management of teams you work with: conduct performance reviews, one-one-ones, resolve conflict situations in case of their occurrence, sometimes “divide” the specialist, distributing his/her workload between projects
— Work with distributed teams

О проекте

We implement a portfolio of projects in the actively growing E-government domain for our overseas customer. These are electronic services (e-services) for the interaction of participants in the system „state — companies — employees of companies — state residents.” In total, the projects are 4 large platforms where these e-services are placed. These platforms are built on Ruby/Ruby on Rails.

We use the Scrum framework to manage the product development process.

Our Project Managers Team consists of 11 members who openly share their knowledge and experience, make decisions collectively and help each other in complex cases. Now the team is looking for additional members with experience building processes on new projects, establishing successful communications, organizing customers, and working with their expectations.

You will be assigned a mentor who will support you and keep you informed during the onboarding process. And also you’ll have a Development Plan for the trial period.

About the client

Over the past 4 years, we’ve been in close cooperation with a large foreign client who is сommitted to a long-term partnership with us.

Working with this client brings us several benefits:
— All communication is in English
— The client is located in our time zone (GMT+3)
— We suggest and implement new technologies and approaches
— All development is done by our teams which means we have no legacy code

Send your CV and join P2H :)