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Phase One: Karma

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Phase One: Karma (or P1:K for short) is an R&D company focusing on AI-driven innovations to make a meaningful impact. Our main work revolves around NLP- and NLU-powered products like Unicheck, EMMA, and Specter, although we remain open to novel challenges and opportunities.

At P1:K, technological innovations serve to amplify good deeds and powerful ideas — that’s why the concept of karma is essential to our company. With that in mind, we believe in the power of automated solutions and the benefits they bring to the quality of people’s everyday life.

Our major driving force is our team. Whether it’s our in-house R&D lab, NLP department, product management or support team — we provide the best possible working conditions and human-centered approach in our management. After all, helping people is what directs our work. Striving to maintain a community of friends that work and recreate together, we are open to new people and ideas that they bring.

We are an ever-expanding company — please feel free to send us your CV if you feel like we’re on the same page.

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