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  • Our customer is a leading provider of software solutions for Individualized Communications Management (ICM); the software uniquely integrates digital media and digital marketing disciplines for unprecedented ROIs on customer relationship management and 1:1 communications investments.
  • Mid2Sr Android Developer Харьков
    Our customer creates evidence-based health- and nutrition-related solutions that are simple, clear, and actionable by analyzing blood, DNA, and users’ lifestyle and nutrition habits. Once the analysis is made, we recommend you how to live, look, age, and perform better.
  • React Native Developer Харьков
    For businesses, organizations, and municipalities that wish to re-open post-COVID-19, this is a simple, elegant app that can manage the access to venues based on COVID-19 testing results and personal health data that forms an individualized health score.
  • Mid2Senior iOS Developer Харьков
    Personalizable Bluetooth stereo headset that provides enhancement for all-around hearing (for phone calls, audio play, and ambient hearing), as well as assistive listening functionality.