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We are a product company that is developing a new approach unique to client management and the trading ecosystem. It includes more than 10 blocks — CRM, Chat, BI, Trading Engine, Education, Machine learning, Automated flows, and other blocks that will be easy to use for both, clients and managers.

For account managers, our ecosystem will allow us to measure and improve the efficiency of employees, measure and increase LTV of clients, ensure complete control and understanding of the business, etc.

For our clients, we are offering a convenient interface and focus on a user-experience system. Already today, the Falcon, Status platform, and BI Tool offer a full range of services for the broker: working in the client portal, managing clients, financial transactions and payments using payment systems, prompt communication with potential customers, automated rules, and much more.

Overonix Technologies uses state-of-the-art IT technology. The architecture is based on Microservices. Our main stack is Java / Kotlin on the backend, React.JS on the frontend, and Gradle, Java/Groovy for QA.

We are looking for like-minded people to create a unique product that requires an outstanding team. We increase efficiency by creating a trusting atmosphere without communication barriers and excessive bureaucracy.

Our team members:
— work on an interesting fast-growing project;
— become part of a friendly and friendly team in which each member of the team and his opinion are important;
— effectively pump professional skills, gain new experience, introduce new frameworks and tools;
— become like-minded people, affecting product development.

The company will provide:
— equipment necessary for work;
— free lunches;
— tax coverage, bookkeeping;
— medical insurance;
— paid sick leave and vacation;
— training in courses and participation in professional conferences;
— free fruits and sweets in the corporate kitchen;

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