OMC, Inc.

21...80 спеціалістів
Київ, Лос-Анжелес (США)

Outsourcing & Management Concepts (OMC), Inc. company is based in Beverly Hills, California. OMC manages several private and fast-growing businesses and investments in various fields including Real Estate, Private Equity, Information Technology, and Hospitality.

We are building an enterprise workforce platform designed to improve the workflow and training of desk-less workers across several industries in the US to create safer and more efficient work environments.

We are expanding our product portfolio and for this, we need to build a strong backbone for a new team. We are looking for Strong Senior Engineers now offering the opportunity to work with a complex and interesting product that has no analogs on the market. Working in a small product team, where you can propose and implement ideas, while there is no corporate bureaucracy and sluggishness of large companies.
We are flexible, ready to change and become better, and very open to the ideas of our employees.