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OrderCast is a product company that creates SaaS solutions for mid-sized industrial businesses. OrderCast significantly simplifies the process of wholesaling and accounting in the enterprise through the use of advanced cloud solutions.

We use a product-engineering approach to problem-solving. Since we are a product company, it is important to us that our developers don’t just perform the task, but also understand the problems of the business that they’re helping. While working in small teams, you will be able to influence the design of the OrderCast system and make great contributions to the growth of the company. We aim to create a work environment that provides the necessary support and mentorship for the long-term development of our employees.

We look for an engineer for full-time employment. We work remotely, if you want to work in the office, we can pay for a coworking in your city.

We have a big challenge in reaching our key goals for the next year, we want to cover two continents and become the #1 solution for mid-sized businesses in Belgium 🇧🇪 and UK 🇬🇧. For this, we use all available tools in combination with our experienced team of engineers.

We pay a lot of attention to candidates and always welcome questions and suggestions, a mentality that also drives our time working together. Focusing on our goals gives us the ability to fully trust our co-workers, so we accept flexible work arrangements. This means you will have the opportunity to work wherever and whenever you want; the main rule is openness and honesty with yourself and your team.

Our team usually communicates in English; if you would like to improve your English skills, we are happy to help you with a language course. And with several of our teammates being from Ukraine, there is a high level of support/donations to sustain Ukraine 🇺🇦 during these trying times.