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18 липня 2022 14:04

Andrey Nikitin

I’ve been working for more than a year. And want to summarise my experience.

The company is solid and stable. In general, it’s well-established. Company cover extensive area of the IT industry: development, administration, security, cloud solutions, on-prems, etc.
People are motivated by creative engagement solutions that make the daily grind not just bearable, but fun and interesting. The company is trying to use the most innovative and employee-friendly company culture.

Company offer for their stuff:
* healthcare coverage (medical insurance)
* tuition reimbursement for continuing education,
* sabbatical program (compensation for success certification)
* working at home.

Doesn’t offer :
* retirement packages
* relocation package
* severance package

I don’t notice any drawbacks.

There are almost all fitness-loved coworkers. They are thinking about the mental and physical health of everyone.

If you prefer working at an office to working at home. The company offers paid modern office space (only in Kiev area).
If you would like to work in a well-established company with a good work environment (Kiev location). Working in OpsWorks Co. may become your dream job.

Totally worth applying their offer.


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Thank you for pointing out what we can do better in the future. We really appreciate your valuable feedback, Andrey.