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5 листопада 2021 17:44

Артем Инюшев, .NET Developer в OpsWorks

OpsWorks Co has became my first employer. I submitted my candidacy for a position of .NET Support, but fortunately they offered me a position of Juniour .NET Developer. I was working as outstaff worker in Brithish trading company ETXCapital.
It was reaaly great time and very usefull and important experience for me.
Despite the fact I was literally working not really at OpsWorks Co. I could mark some positive sides.
First of all there is really nice and friendly team with excellent management side who is always open to dialog and always tries to solve your problems.
Secondly company often organizes excellent team building events that were bringing our team closer.
In the end I want to tell some words about my work at ETX. It has good work organization and working values in the team. They consider you not like resourse but like personality first of all Unfortunately, I did not get enough challenging tasks, even sometimes they were a bit boring.
But overall I got beneficial and pleasant experience in OpsWorks Co. and ETXCapital)


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