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19 жовтня 2021 23:41

Natalia Samsoniuk

I’ve been with OpsWorks Co. for 19 months, and I love the company!

Awesome people! The team is very professional and super friendly. I’ve always been supported by all means, I made new friends, and, in general, it’s very pleasant to work with such talented, and nice colleagues.

The company offers great working conditions: remote or office whatever works best for you. They provide whatever is needed for comfortable work! The HR department takes very good care of people — checking on them, making sure they are listened to and heard, offering team building events, and fun activities for those who like to socialize. From my first step into the company’s door through all the times, I’ve always felt supported and united.

The structure of the company and its processes are clear. And it’s easy and pleasant to deal with managers — high professionalism, respectful attitude, positive mindset, great leadership. If any issues arise, they are addressed and fixed asap. Feedback is well-received.

The company offered me professional growth, available training, certifications, mentorship, new opportunities! Paychecks always come on time, the review system is transparent, the tech we use is convenient.

OpsWorks Co. is about quality, focus on great goals but with attention to detail, and big love to technologies and people! Big kudos!


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