OpsWorks Co.

21...80 спеціалістів
FL, USA/ Estonia, Tallinn

26 вересня 2019 19:12

Andrii Kushlyk, System Administrator в OpsWorks

I work at OpsWorks for more than a year as a remote employee on the position — system administrator. OpsWorks builds its relationship on trust, no bureaucracy, you can ask about the day off or sick day if needed. The company gives access to tech literature, different courses, English lessons. The company gives me tasks with a different difficulty level for my personal growth. If you need help or don’t understand how to do the task — the guru guys will help with advice. From time to time the head of the company asks if everything I have for my job. When I came to the main office for the first time everybody met me like a friend who works at the office every day, despite the fact that I work remotely :) . I like this company very much.


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