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3 сентября 2019 16:33

Lina Yarysh, Business Development Manager в OpsWorks

OpsWorks is a great team to work with. I’m very particular when it comes to choose a company. I always consider attitude to people in the company more than anything else. I’m working with OpsWorks team almost a year and it means that I’m satisfied with the attitude ;) Here are some points to take into consideration:

1. The team is comparatively young and aims to think about customer satisfaction and personal growth of every employee.
2. You are quite independent in your actions and decisions. Nobody stays in from of you and checks what and how you do. They trust you and it teaches you to take responsibility for your actions.
3. No bureaucracy, everything is build on trust and mutual support: remote work from home whenever you feel you need it, flexible schedule, paid sick days without any medical reports.
4. You can take part in business development and suggest your vision on the company development doesn’t matter in what department you work with. So, you feel like you in particular build the company and its approach towards clients and challenges.

Those are the reasons why I prefer working in comparatively small companies when you feel more and more involved.


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