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I’ve been working for OpsWorks Co. for almost a year and a half as an English teacher and communication coach. The company is wonderful and it’s a very supportive and close environment. I really appreciate always having the support and freedom to try new things in my work, as well as plenty of opportunities for professional development. I’m thankful to have the ability to work remotely and it’s a testament to how much the company cares about its employees. Everyone is always willing to help when needed and if I need something for my job, it’s always provided. It’s always a real pleasure to have colleagues and management who make you feel genuinely appreciated, and I feel very lucky to have found such a great place to work.

Поддержали: Natalya Kovalivska

Работаю тут год. Могу точно сказать, что компания — супер. И плюсов:
— Возможно работать как удаленно, так и в офисе.
— Отличный коллектив.
— Интересные и разнообразные проекты. Мало рутины. Очень быстро можно освоить/улучшить трендовые технологии.
— Современные технологии, очень мало legacy. Конечно зависит от клиента, но мне legacy особо не попадался.
— Технари берутся под конкретный проект, а в компанию. Если проект заканчивается, то быстро находится новый или некоторое время можно заниматься самообучением. Нет такого, что проект закончился, гребцы — до свидания.
— Регулярный пересмотр з/п, не для галочки, а действительно поднимают как з/п, так и лычки. Возможность развиваться и расти.
— Оплачиваемые овертаймы. Сколько наработал часов сверху, столько и оплатили. При этом никто не принуждает овертаймить.
— Открытый менеджмент. Можно прийти к любому и высказать своё мнение, к которому прислушиваются

Получилось как-то однобоко, но действительно не смог вспомнить каких-то выделяющихся минусов.

Поддержали: Natalya Kovalivska

I work at OpsWorks for more than a year as a remote employee on the position — system administrator. OpsWorks builds its relationship on trust, no bureaucracy, you can ask about the day off or sick day if needed. The company gives access to tech literature, different courses, English lessons. The company gives me tasks with a different difficulty level for my personal growth. If you need help or don’t understand how to do the task — the guru guys will help with advice. From time to time the head of the company asks if everything I have for my job. When I came to the main office for the first time everybody met me like a friend who works at the office every day, despite the fact that I work remotely :) . I like this company very much.

OpsWorks is a great company! There are many talented and purposeful people. It’s a real pleasure to work with them. The climat inside is very positive and warm. And they have cookies ;)

It seems some time pass from my last comment here, yeah? Time passes, it is a fact, but I must admit there was no place for boredom in the Opsworks. The company is developing noticeably, there is a stable flow of information, new projects (and not a stream of employees, this is “hi” to my previous job ;) ) and new goodies. Based on experience, I can say that this is the place where you are appreciated.

OpsWorks is a great team to work with. I’m very particular when it comes to choose a company. I always consider attitude to people in the company more than anything else. I’m working with OpsWorks team almost a year and it means that I’m satisfied with the attitude ;) Here are some points to take into consideration:

1. The team is comparatively young and aims to think about customer satisfaction and personal growth of every employee.
2. You are quite independent in your actions and decisions. Nobody stays in from of you and checks what and how you do. They trust you and it teaches you to take responsibility for your actions.
3. No bureaucracy, everything is build on trust and mutual support: remote work from home whenever you feel you need it, flexible schedule, paid sick days without any medical reports.
4. You can take part in business development and suggest your vision on the company development doesn’t matter in what department you work with. So, you feel like you in particular build the company and its approach towards clients and challenges.

Those are the reasons why I prefer working in comparatively small companies when you feel more and more involved.

I responded to the vacancy of the “Junior DevOps Engineer”. After the short talk with recruiter receive test task. It was very interesting. But a little difficult for me. Answer for my results was very quickly.

Maksim, thanks for your interest in our company and position Junior DevOps Engineer. It was great talking with you. We are sure you will be able to pass the test task in the nearest future and join our team. We always stay in touch with candidates and are open to any questions at any time.

OpsWorks is a vivid example of a company focusing on providing qualitative services. The company is actively developing and increases its intellectual capacity.
Among the main advantages I can list there are the following:
— Absence of unnecessary bureaucracy — everything is simple and clear;
— Ability to work remotely as well as working from the office;
— Salary is always paid on time;
— Almost infinite opportunities for growth — the main thing is to have a desire.
This is one of the best companies on the market that will give you an opportunity to realize your potential and develop your skills.

I just want to say about my experience with OpsWorks Inc.:
— Very supportive team;
— The company that allows great flexibility in working hours;
— Stable ownership that understands the job and supports the employees.
It is the great place to work and personal growth!

Поддержали: Natalya Kovalivska

Fully remote friendly and diverse experience while working on small and huge projects facilitate personal and technical growth. There are plenty potential to display/apply ones skills with full responsibility and decision making.

I work in the company for almost a year. There is everything for both novice beginner and a successful guru. Opportunities, understanding, growth, perspective. I’m glad that I have the opportunity to work and develop here.

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