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Having started with just three DevOps engineers in 2017, OpsWorks Co. is now an AWS partner for the digital transformation of businesses in the EU and US with 60+ employees and 60+ offices around the globe. Home offices to be precise ;)

Ok, enough showing off. OpsWorks Co. is an engineering company specializing in DevOps integration. We build scalable and easily manageable IT infrastructures.

We believe programming and DevOps roles should be tightly blended to create strong and efficient IT infrastructures whether you are just at the idea stage or already have an existing infrastructure! For this reason, we have recently launched an extension to the OpsWorks Co. brand — DevWorks. See where we’re going with this? OpsWorks Co. is now a reliable provider of sustainability and efficiency for businesses that want their IT infrastructure to work for them, not vice versa.

We see value in both outsourcing and outstaffing, that is why we never limit ourselves nor our clients in flexibility.

We specialize in:

— DevOps Consulting: Terraform, Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Circle CI, Gitlab CI, OpenShift, OpenStack, Prometheus+Grafana, ELK stack, Splunk, Sumologic, and 30+ more tools
— Cloud Consulting: AWS
— Microservices Infrastructure Design: Kubernetes, Docker, Docker Swarm
— System Administration: IT-infrastructure analysis, Linux/Windows services administration, and support
— Programming: PHP, Java, Python, .Net

Who are our clients?

We don’t accept borders in the digital world, that’s why we hire globally and provide our services to businesses worldwide, predominantly the EU and the US. Our clients are small and middle-size products in FinTech, Healthcare, Hospitality, and E-commerce. While these four are our focus areas, we also have expertise in e-gaming, blockchain, entertainment, and gambling.

With us, you will be able to:

— Be flexible in terms of location
— Grow professionally AND personally
— Change your career path within the company
— Be a part of the OpsWorks Co. community

Reasons to join us

When Covid-19 struck, we were at our office, clueless about where we would be in a month. What we are really proud of right now is the level of care and flexibility our management was able to provide not only to save the company but transform it in a way that truly benefited us. This approach is reflected in both interactions with employees and our clients.

The OpsWorks Co. office culture was vibrant and exciting, however, this atmosphere was something Covid couldn’t steal from us. Our HR department has made sure that the sense of a close-knit and fun team hasn’t gone away. They use all possible online tools to entertain, motivate, and maintain communication within the entire company.
The thing that we are most proud of is the fact that Opsworks Co. and all brand-related companies employ for the long term. We are an employer that will support you in your studies, career, and professional development.

Hope to see you in our team!

Also, Check our Telegram channel for job seekers: t.me/opsworksco

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