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Київ, Вільнюс (Литва), Вроцлав (Польща)

The OpsWay company works in the development and implementation of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions based on Odoo, which includes all areas of the enterprise, starting from CRM and ending with complex production and accounting systems.

We work entirely remotely and started doing it before it became mainstream. Our colleagues work both in Ukraine and in Europe.

From the employee’s point of view, OpsWay is a lifestyle company where everyone finds a comfortable work zone: working hours, schedule, geography — everyone chooses himself.
We are a company where results evaluate a person because this is best seen in remote companies.

Our clients are growing companies in the USA, Europe, and Asia that want to bring more structure and systematicity to their business, and we help them implement system solutions.

OpsWay is multiplying, and we are constantly seeking new talents to join our team. You can find hot openings and send your CV to our HR manager — [email protected].

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