Компания «УКРНЕТ» была создана в 1998 году. Сегодня «УКРНЕТ» — производитель популярных сервисов для украинских интернет-пользователей.
19 марта 2020

Senior/Middle C++ Developer (вакансия неактивна)



UKRNET is a product company that creates popular services for Ukrainian Internet users.

@UKR.NET Mail is the most popular Ukrainian email service. 43.5% of over 12 million email users in Ukraine choose it for emailing. @UKR.NET Mail audience finished the month of December 2019 reaching 5.3 million users and achieved 1.6 million in daily users.

Safety — is the priority № 1 for us. Moreover, we strive to make @UKR.NET Mail user-friendly and superfast.
Mostly (for 95%) we’re dedicated to the development of new services and features or expansion of the current functionality. We use a modern technology stack, we have no legacy code. Also, we take seriously performance and reliability of our services, by dedicating enough time to optimize and keep our code highly maintainable.

Project technologies:
• С++17 (anticipating C++20).
• Multithreading.
• Networking (BSD sockets, asio).
• SQL (MySQL, SQLite3).
• NoSQL (redis, memcached, rabbitmq).
• Async network I/O.
• Linux/FreeBSD.

Necessary skills:
• Development experience using C ++ 11.
• Experience in designing SQL databases.
• Experience in programming multithreading programs (multithreading).
• Template metaprogramming experience.

• Developing new services.
• Maintaining existing services.
• Extending existing services.
• Developing multithreaded software.
• Developing async network I/O software.
• Designing SQL databases.
• Designing HTTP API.
• Designing high-performance, scalable, high-load services.

Why you should choose @UKR.NET Mail:
• Stable work in the reliable product company.
• Competitive salaries and medical insurance covering cases from the list of standard exceptions.
• Flexible working hours.
• Convenient office in 50 meters from metro station Demeevskaya.
• Gym in the office.

Other UKRNET projects:
• National UKR.NET portal with the most popular news feed: it aggregates about 30 000 news articles from almost 1500 publishers from all over Ukraine on a daily basis. Those publishers include, but not limited to, popular news sites, international and Ukrainian news agencies, online media and regional online news sites;
• online weather service — No. 1 in Ukraine, which provides the latest weather conditions and forecasts for every populated locality of the country, including villages;
• auto classifieds service;
• entertainment services: horoscopes ORACUL,, TV guide
UKRNET services audience in December 2019 exceeded 9 million of Ukrainian Internet users.