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Meet Verv — the new Red Rock Apps.

Since its launch back in 2013, Verv has become one of the most downloaded Health & Fitness mobile app developers, with over 60 million users worldwide. Its portfolio includes 4 products with more coming this year. Through simple and effective personalized solutions, Verv helps people achieve personal goals, embrace a healthy lifestyle and live a more fulfilling life.
In 2018 there was a major company rebrand which gave the company a new look and a new vision — Verv has expanded from weight loss to the whole health and lifestyle.
Success of the products has been the result of a strong team effort throughout the entire journey of their development. Engineers deliver innovation, designers bring fresh twists to the look and usability, marketers find the best way to position the app knowing it from the inside out — all of this helps create truly great products.

Follow the link to learn more: www.verv.com

Check out our apps here: iOS: itunes.apple.com/...​eveloper/verv/id583901247
Android: play.google.com/...​pps/developer?id=Verv Inc