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INCHKIEV is a creative digital content provider for Big PHARMA. Everything big journey starts from small steps.

Our mission is to create a better experience in medical promotion and education for healthcare professionals based on a solid ethical foundation.

We strongly believe that design thinking, creativity and tech innovations is the only way to distribute information to physicians heads. If you want to let it work for patients — allow them to reach the patients.

Better knowledge helps doctors to manage patients’ health better.

We care about every inch, millimeterounce and pixel of what we do, because it’s important not only for us, but also for the patients during their struggle for health.

Digital communication helps to spread the evidence based medicine, VR&AR technologies help to transfer experience or to get a deeper understanding of science.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning allow for personalization in treatment approaches. Even one simple clear and well designed side-effect reminder can save lives. That’s what we can do together.

If you are on the same page with us and you’re willing to contribute to health and well-being for all people, don’t miss your chance to be part of INCHKIEV.