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ONSEO is a space in which new projects, opportunities and products are born on the basis of diverse experience, knowledge and communication.

We are a modern international IT — company based in Ukraine, in which every staff member has:
opportunity for professional development — versatile tasks and projects of the company allow employees the opportunity to develop their own professional skills.
stability — the company takes care of its employees and ensures their stable work despite external crises (17 years on the global market)
social guarantees (paid vacation, medical insurance,compensation of expenses for sport, free english lessons)
comfortable psychological atmosphere: the work of each is valuable and noticeable to top management and colleagues.

What our clients request

We develop solutions for a variety of business areas. We often work on projects in the following spheres:

Casino Gaming Platform. Highly available and configurable platform for casino games providing significant time to market acceleration for game production

Social Platform. Easily scalable and customizable platform. Deep integration with social networks. Many common game features embedded into the platform. Allows focus on game creation vs common features

Medical Solutions. Among the projects in the medical field we are involved in the development of a human body simulator, as well as in a project for the early diagnosis of psychological diseases.

Location Based Services. LBS market was valued at $ 11,994 million in 2017 and is expected to reach $61,897 million by 2022. Location-based systems are used in many business spheres including navigation, retail, healthcare, tourism, transportation, and social networking.

Artificial Intelligence. Deep learning algorithms for gaming media buying and multi-level data analysis features. Technology to predict the “opponents” behavior on a global scale and optimization of customers’ campaigns.

Business Intelligence. Complete BI and Analytics package optimized to gain valuable insights from gaming data, increase revenue, improve retention and decrease churn
How we do
From idea Hunting, Concepts and Storyboarding to Full Backend Development and Continuous Improvement.

Backend technologies:

Java, ​C#/.Net, PHP, Python
SQL and NoSQL databases
Hadoop & Spark
Amazon AWS & MS Azure

Client technologies:

Mobile (iOS/Android)
Web (online)
Game Consoles
HTML5, JavaScript, Objective-C, C++
Engines/dev platforms: Unity3D/2D,Cocos2d-x, Angular.JS

Cutting-edge technologies:

Big Data processing
Neural Networks
Deep Learning
Machine Learning
Artificial Intelligence

Art and Design:

Hand drawing art
Concept design
3D real time/rendered
2D vector art
Application interactive prototyping
Video composing

We are united by the idea of creating world-class projects and products. And we have everything necessary for this: possession of a wide stack of technologies, a proven professional team and a reliable business support system, authority in international markets. And the most important thing is the experience and ability to integrate modern technologies into new projects, ideas, solutions.

Are you an IT specialist looking for a progressive company to work at?
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