Onilab is a strong team of certified eCommerce developers. We have been successfully developing and supporting large multilingual online stores based in the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Australia, and the USA, for over 7 years. Our customers include Fortune 500-listed companies as well as the world’s leading eCommerce brands.

▪ Our developers are masters of their craft. Join us! ▪

There’s no such thing as boredom in the eCommerce business. We constantly face many-sided tasks that require coming up with original approaches and implementing innovative ideas. We often encounter something new and improve our skills as we solve interesting and non-typical cases, especially when it comes to progressive web applications. And since the flow of tasks and projects is inexhaustible, there are always plenty of opportunities for growth!

▪ Our Expertise ▪

We have gained the most significant experience:

— while developing load-tolerant solutions that can withstand multiple traffic increases,
— when creating integration solutions that link online store sites with third-party services,
— as we created modern and technologically-advanced PWAs,
— and in UI/UX design.

▪ Our Mission ▪

For us, every project is a team decision that’s based on expert opinions. We team up to create a flagship product and hold a lot of meetings, brainstorming sessions, and single out the best ideas that would be a perfect fit for each specific client.

We aim for tangible results that can be measured in conversion growth. Our customers appreciate this, so in practice, we generally work with large eCommerce representatives with whom we build long-lasting relationships.

Our mission is to create a team that can take on projects that positively affect the eCommerce industry on the whole. That’s why we’re highly engaged in PWA development. We strive to share our experience with the team. Innovation and creativity are always welcome!

▪ We work hard but know how to relax! ▪

Unlike many other companies that organize corporate events 1 or 2 times a year, we prefer to have team-buildings much more often. So a new corporate adventure won’t keep you waiting :)