About oneseconddelivery gmbh We are creating a food delivery app that uses autonomous drones to deliver the food. When you order food with our app, the delivery is twice as fast, and 45 times cheaper, because there is no need to pay a human delivery guy.
31 октября 2021

AI/Deep Learning/Machine Learning Engineer for Large Scale ML Project at Drone Delivery Startup


Promising drone-delivery startup is hiring a Dataset and Machine Learning Manager to work remotely. OneSec is working on a groundbreaking GPT-scale machine learning project to make autonomous delivery drones. In this job, you will build the Datasets and Neural Networks that fly our autonomous delivery drones. These drones will then deliver millions of meals and other packages in the real world.

About OneSecondDelivery

We are creating a food delivery app that uses autonomous drones to deliver the food. We deliver everything 5 times faster and 100 times cheaper, thanks to small autonomous delivery-robots. The company was founded in 2017 by a leading expert on drone legislation and a successful e-commerce entrepreneur. The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology’s Vice Presidency of Innovation has recognized the large potential of this project and has supported us with the XGrant Prize and other resources.

You can check out our website OneSec.com for more info

Job Description

OneSec is building one of the largest machine learning projects in the drone industry. With our own photorealistic flight simulator, and a fleet of prototype drones, we are building one of the largest depth perception datasets in the world, with 60 million training samples. As well as an unsupervised pre-training pipeline with 400 million training samples. We are building a large computer cluster of NVIDIA and Tenstorrent chips to scale up our machine learning project to this scale.

Your job has 3 components:

  • Neural network training and optimization
  • Dataset management and generation
  • Supporting our hardware team in building up our exaflop-scale machine learning cluster

Here are some of the Neural Networks you will be building:

-Delivery surface finder: A neural net that picks the optimal delivery surface within a balcony or backyard of a customer. Usually this will be a table or chair or a section of the floor that has enough clearance.

-OneSec Fruxel Depthmap: This is a convolutional neural network that takes camera images and generates a 3D representation of the space around the drone. Our pathplanner then uses this depthmap to plan a collision free path for the drone. This neural network represents the core of our autopilot system.

-Delivery Clearance Model: This model checks the camera images to see if the scene is safe to approach. We don’t fly into a balcony if there’s a human or dog in it. And when we approach a restaurant to pickup a package, we make sure the scene is clear of humans, pets etc.


  • The most important thing is that you are excited about this project, and like the mission of our company.
  • Knowledgeable about machine learning and neural networks. Both practical and theoretical.
  • Experience with computer vision and convolutional networks
  • Experience with PyTorch and TensorFlow
  • Good computer skills, and general tech savvy: you will do many tasks like setting up recording devices to record datasets, creating small python programs for dataset labelling and management, post processing large image datasets etc.


  • Take part in a huge success story
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Competitive cash compensation
  • Equity compensation (become a partner in the company)

    The sooner you apply, the bigger your chances of success. Send us your CV!