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At Omilia we live by the conviction that good technology is invisible to the final user. Our Natural Language Understanding platform, DiaManT® allows the enterprise to finally reap the benefits that artificial intelligence and natural language have been promising for years.

Our technology delivers customer care in a conversational user interface, with end-to-end self-service that greatly improves the customer experience and significantly decreases operational costs.

DiaManT® delivers a unified and seamless user experience across all channels, with voice, text, and touch. Facilitating immediate transactions, with easy and effective self-services in the Call Center through the IVR, on websites through Chat, and through Virtual Assistants in mobile apps.

With current operations and installations in more than 9 countries, including the US and Canada, and case studies with some of the biggest banks and telcos of the world, Omilia sports the fastest growing NLU solution in the market.

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