Electric Blue Studio

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Electric Blue Studio is a creative hub where talented artists and designers come together to bring digital worlds to life. The studio is equipped with a team of experts in different areas of game art, including concept art, environment design, 3D modeling, 2D illustration, prop creation, character design, and texturing. The studio’s expertise in these areas allows it to produce high-quality, visually stunning assets that bring a game’s world and characters to life.

The studio’s concept artists work to create the initial visions and ideas for a game’s worlds and characters, bringing the game’s design direction to life with sketches and paintings. The environment artists then bring these concepts to life, creating detailed and immersive environments for players to explore. 3D artists create the models and animations for these environments, props, and characters, while 2D artists provide additional details and textures through illustrations and graphics.

With a combination of technical skill and artistic vision, the studio’s team works together to craft engaging, beautiful, and believable game worlds. From the first sketches to the final in-game models, the studio’s expertise in all aspects of game art ensures that each game it works on is a truly immersive and unforgettable experience for players.

Join our team of experts dedicated to producing stunning game art with a focus on excellence and attention to detail. Work on exciting projects, showcase your skills, and grow your career as you create captivating characters, immersive environments, and stunning graphics. Join us and be a part of the team that brings game worlds to life!