OLSYS Ltd provides full-service solutions for mid-market and enterprise organizations. With 15+ years of experience, 100+ projects and 50+ strong technical experts in the team, we continue to grow by expanding our development team in Europe, as well as expanding the base of new clients and projects.
15 серпня 2022

Senior Front-End (JavaScript, React.js) Developer (вакансія неактивна)


About the Company

OLSYS Ltd provides full-service solutions for mid-market and enterprise organizations.

As an enterprise software development company, we are building long term partnerships helping our clients accelerate their digital experiences with reasonable IT investments.

Our tailored approach, e-commerce focus, and flexible solutions allow us to design, develop, and deliver scalable, integrated commerce platforms that drive profits and boost the business.

15+ years of experience, 100+ projects, 50+ specialists

About the Client

Our Client retails auto parts. The Company offers lift kits, lighting, wheels, tires, carries, winches, steering tops, and other automotive products. Client serves customers in the United States.

Headquartered in Dyersburg, the company was one of the founders of the off-road industry and remains one of the fastest growing manufacturers and marketers of aftermarket suspension products and off-road accessories with a product portfolio covering ~90% of truck and Jeep models on the road. The Client offers best-in-class service and value to its enthusiast customer base, with same-day shipping, a 90-day satisfaction guarantee, and a lifetime replacement warranty.

Project Overview:

The docker-compose.yml will stand up Redis, MariaDB/MySQL, PHP 7.4 and all the configuration needed for Magento 2.4. From there the repository (Gitlab) will provide the files that our site runs off.

The sample database is an actual copy of our production DB with all PII data removed (customers, orders, etc, etc), but contains an accurate dump of all our products, configurations, etc.

There are no stored procs or queries that should be needed, Magento runs off an ORM and all DB calls should be handled through that ORM.

Magento 2 uses Knockout.js, jQuery and vanilla JS for the frontend.

Magento 2 requires it’s own knowledge as it has a pretty step learning curve as a framework and is run on PHP 7.4, soon to be PHP 8 for the next version.

Most of our development is handled locally via Docker containers.

Project Stage: Development


  • Strong experience with Javascript, TypeScript, React, HTML/CSS
  • PWA, Next.js are desirable
  • Excellent understanding of Web Services — REST & GraphQL API’s
  • Competent with MariaDB/MySQL
  • Familiarity with Docker, Redis
  • Firm grasp of Git-based source control
  • Ability to work in a team environment

English level: Intermediate+


  • To work on creating storefront for Magento’s API
  • Provide an exciting roadmap of features to meet clients’ requirements
  • Apply software development best practices for development (e.g. SOLID, Design Patterns, TDD, BDD) and configuration management tasks
  • Collaborate with cross-functional development team to bring static designs and prototypes to life, providing constructive feedback to optimize implementation and usability
  • Embrace emerging standards while promoting best practices
  • Provide solutions to technical problems of varying scope and complexity
  • Collaborate with management in determining priorities and risks associated with projects
  • Ensure all relevant processes, procedures, and product documentation is up to date