3 вакансии

  • Project Manager $3500–4500 удаленно
    Our work focuses on network, web, and mobile application security assessments with a diversified set of clients ranging from established businesses to newly formed startups. Projects explore unique and engaging technology stacks presenting demanding security solutions.
  • IT Recruiter $2000–3000 удаленно
    We are looking for bright and self-motivated individuals to join our team on Recruiter position. Our company is working towards making an impact on the security posture of our clients and the security industry as such.
  • React Developer $4500–5500 удаленно
    OCTAL Security is seeking a Front-end developer to join our growing internal development team. The ideal candidate will help us optimize our development pipeline and develop our internal toolset and integrations. OCTAL is growing rapidly and expanding our line of business offerings.