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OBRIO is the fast-growing product company inside Genesis business ecosystem with 500% YoY growth. Currently, we have 4 main directions: mobile apps, web apps, mobile games, and SaaS. Our team consists of more than 120 talented professionals whose ambitions and striving for success help us build the best products on the market.

Our flagship product Nebula has over 12 million downloads worldwide. It has been ranked as the № 1 lifestyle app of the day in the Apple Store and Play Market in the USA, Canada, and Australia several times. Nebula is a global multifunctional platform for astrology lovers created to inspire people in finding their way to happiness. Its story started in May 2019 when we were a small team of 8 burning minds, headed by Alex Fedorov. We had a big dream to develop an app that would reach people worldwide. Now, Nebula is the most downloading astrology app in the world.

During the work on the Nebula application, we received many requests from our audience for personal online consultations. This inspired us to create the web product AskNebula, a platform for live consultations with professional astrologers.

Developing Nebula, we acquired our marketing expertise and it served as a catalyst for our SaaS product AdBraze, a marketing automation tool that speeds up the routine media buying process and increases the effectiveness of the marketing team by more than 50%.

Also, our bold and courageous team is always striving for experience in completely new areas so we decided to develop the gamedev direction represented by Factory Empire mobile casual game. Now we are taking our first steps in this field but there are no doubts that soon our product will win millions of hearts worldwide.

The main asset of any company is people. It’s not essential "what to do, "it’s always about “with whom to do it.” It is possible to create a powerful and successful story only with a united team.

Why OBRIO is the best company for career development:

Here you’ll be part of a strong family, surrounded by people ready to support you, who share your interests and contribute to your development. At OBRIO, we love our colleagues, spend time together outside of work, and are happy to invite our friends into the company.

Here you’ll be part of the product creation process, from discussing ideas to implementing and testing cool product solutions in real life.

Programming makes sense with us — you will understand the business logic of all our solutions. Every team member at OBRIO influences business. Regular meetings with the manager and getting feedback from the marketing and analytics teams help with this.

We focus on effective communication and teamwork without unnecessary formalities. You can solve any issue quickly, without multi-level approval.

At OBRIO, we’ve gathered some influential experts, all of whom are open to sharing their knowledge and ready to help solve issues based on their experience. This is the company where you can quickly reach your potential and advance your career.

We don’t just give you opportunities for growth and development; we give you maximum autonomy and believe we can’t do without you and your active thinking.

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