21...80 спеціалістів
Київ, Прага (Чехія)

Entrepreneurs approach us with their vision. We transform their ideas into world class digital products and guide them on their journey from concept to Series A and beyond.

OAK’S LAB is an ecosystem designed to support tech startups on their journey from concept-to-scale. Since our inception in 2016, we’ve grown the OAK’S LAB team to 70 and together have worked on 31 startups with a valuation of $700M. We take pride in our culture. It is intangible, unique, and sets us apart from all the others.

The OAK’S LAB ecosystem is comprised of three business divisions:

• OAK’S DIGITAL — Developing digital products
• OAK’S BOOST — Scaling in-house tech teams
• OAK’S VENTURES — Providing venture funding

Companies are incorporated to generate profits. We were incorporated to bring together a group of ambitious people, place them in a stimulating yet incubated environment, and allow them to achieve their wildest dreams.

We come from different places and were raised in distinct cultures. Diversity gives our crew an edge, yet our core values unite us. We are more than a company. We are a family.

.. read our culture manifesto: www.oakslab.com/manifesto

.. visit our website: www.oakslab.com

.. check out our instagram: www.instagram.com/oakslab

We are excited to be hiring our first few team members in Kyiv, Ukraine!