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nuWeb is an international, US-based information technologies company engaged in Research and Development activities and creation of new products. These innovative solutions are essentially blasting technologies, that will change the world.

Above these products, is our great working development team, product and project managers, business analysts and engineers. We are creators only of a “pure” products that provide current and, we believe, future needs for people and business. Our goal is to combine innovations with users’ comfort and safety.

nuWeb is a team of brave thinkers are united by love to innovations. Friendship and trust, the joy of acquiring new knowledge and solving non-standard problems while creating useful products for other people are our philosophy.

Welcome to nuWeb if you are a great team player and appreciate people with:
✔ Responsibility
✔ Proactivity
✔ Flexibility
✔ Loyalty
✔ Forward Thinking.

Join us in creating the nuWeb!