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10 июля 2019

GoLang Developer for NuCDN Project (вакансия неактивна)


Необходимые навыки

— Strong and proven computer science or computer engineering education or similar experience.

— 5+ years of experience with backend development and complex systems.

— Have great practical knowledge of Golang (2+ years) and at least one other programming language.

— Good knowledge of HTTP, Caching and RESTful API design.

— Understanding what it takes to build highly available, horizontally scalable distributed systems.

— Value coding as your craft and understand that writing software is about solving problems — but equally important solutions must easily be maintained and understood by your peers.

— Proficient understanding of code versioning tools, such as Git.

— Familiarity with UNIX based systems.

— Experience utilizing Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery systems as well as building software around these concepts.

— Team player who is comfortable owning issues, both bug reports and performance issues, end to end; from identification and verification in production to replication, testing and resolution in development to releasing and verifying fixes in production.

— Experience designing software which is adaptive and responsive failures in a bare metal environment.

Будет плюсом

— Experience working on high performance distributed systems — with a story or two to share about that process.

— Commitment to understanding issues by tracing, profiling and in general measuring to get to the root of the problem and avoid guessing why “stuff” doesn’t work.

— Proactive and curious: always eager to learn new things and happy to share your knowledge with others.

— Skills with JavaScript are not mandatory but are desired

● Skills & Requirements
Golang, HTTP, Python, PHP, NoSQL, PostgreSQL, RESTful API, UNIX, High Concurrency Architectures


● Competitive salaries:

We know for sure that there are no such cookies in the world that can substitute the good paycheck :), so we provide competitive salaries according to the level of your skills.

● Interesting projects:

Being a product company, we can ensure that you will be working on a challenging and interesting project (architecture-wise and functionality-wise). This way you will grow your expertise and develop a lot of new professional skills. All our projects are long-term.

● Flexible working schedule:

We have flexible 8-hours working day, so you can work in your most productive time.

● Comfortable working environment:

Our office is conveniently located and have separate comfortable rooms for each team.

● Friendly team of professionals:

One of our top priorities is creating welcoming atmosphere throughout the company. We promptly address individual needs of our employees and constantly grow team spirit during corporate events.

● Benefits that we offer:

— fully paid vacation days (20 working days per year);

— fully paid sick leaves;

— company-paid medical insurance;

— compensation of the tax payments;

— company-paid English classes;

— recreation area equipped with ping-pong table and other amenities;

— incentives for the creative ideas;

— compensation of trainings/conferences.


— Write clean, maintainable, secure, scalable code for server applications in a bare-metal environment.

— Maintain existing code.

— Backend API development.

— Developing for a project which runs on bare metal on a private network, without the luxury of utilizing pre-existing frameworks on major cloud providers.

О проекте

● About the project
NuCDN operates a worldwide Content Delivery Network (CDN) which serves content formany popular web sites and applications. In order to operate a successfully, the platform must be able to handle many diverseworkloads, seamlessly process configuration changes, cache vastamounts of customer content, handle adverse scenarios (buggy clients,buggy origin webservers, malicious bots and DDoS attacks), deliverhigh performance, and perfect uptime.

While most projectsoutsource their infrastructure complexity to a cloud provider, thisproject serves to provide the infrastructure that other businessesdepend on.

● Job Description

NuCDN is currentlymaintaining a production version of our server platform and is nearrelease of a new version of the platform which will substantiallyincrease scalability and add many new features. We are seekingdevelopers to take on responsibility of learning from existingUSA-based developers and taking ownership of maintaining anddeveloping the project. Development on this project must alwaysconsider efficiency (financial cost, system resources, anddevelopment time), reliability (we strive to deliver 100% uptime, anddesign things in a fail-safe manner), and scalability.

Customer bug reportsand feature requests will often require intuitive thinking to determine the best way of solving the customer’s true problem, in a way which prevents the same class of problem for all other customers,not merely following their request word-for-word.

The project alsorequires collaboration to ensure problems are solved in the best way possible.