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Nullgravity is a full cycle product development company. We help corporations and big companies to create complex web and mobile products, change business models and provide new possibilities of getting income and creating value for customers.

We work in emerging markets around the world and constantly increase our expertise in such industries as Banking, FinTech, Retail, Telecommunications, and MedTech. Among our clients are big international corporations and industry leaders like Visa, Tele2, Johnson & Johnson, Leroy Merlin, etc.

Our mission is “Creating digital. Improving life.”
We try to take care of our team, product users and our customers.
The main important things for us are:
• Creating cool products for our customers;
• Helping our customers digitalize their business;
• Creating our own methodologies and not being afraid of experiments.

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Оценка компании: 82/100

Проголосовало 27 сотрудников
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