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3 січня 2024

Oracle/SQL Server LDBA (SK-1189) (вакансія неактивна)

Київ, Львів, віддалено

Nortal invites Oracle/SQL Server LDBA to join our team for the client TUI UK — the subsidiary of the global tourism business giant!

About our client

TUI UK is a subsidiary of TUI group, one of the world’s leading leisure travel groups, with over 220 trusted brands in 180 countries and more than 30 million customers. At TUI, they create unforgettable moments for customers across the world and make their dreams come true. With a great history of success, they recognize the power of digital and the massive contribution this brings to creating a truly unique and differentiated customer experience.


The job consists 95% of the time in managing the internals of the Oracle Databases and 5% managing the SQL Server Databases.


  • Monitor and improve on the consumption of database resources such as IO, CPU, MEMORY etc.
  • Assist and advise the Developers when they have questions about SQL, PL/SQL or code design etc.
  • Review/Execute and correct tickets delivered by development and propagate the changes/new software to the diverse database environments (dev, test, qua, preprod, prod).
  • Move schemas from/to environments
  • Do several times a year a Refresh (PRES to DRES/TRES, PCNT to DCNT/TCNT) consisting of :
  • Execute and anonymize parts of the data that has been copied from production to other database non production environments.
  • Backup and restore tables (Datapump)
  • Backup and restore schemas if necessary (Datapump)
  • Execute scripts in a given order, restore database links (public/private), restore users and their old passwords
  • Consider always when GDPR might be of an issue when doing your activities.
  • Write pl/sql in certain occasions, for your own tools or for anonymization purposes or to automatize processes or to aid developers.
  • Assist the Data Warehouse team with queries and tuning and applying Oracle Exadata features for optimal results.


  • Deploy new software, sometimes some backups and restores, some tuning, provide privileges and user management.
  • Assist as a DBA third parties when they need to do things on the database for their applications.


  • Deep experience with Oracle 18c, 19c
  • Enterprise Manager (OEM)
  • Expert in understanding and manipulating an Execution Plan
  • Understand what is happening under the surface of Oracle during certain actions
  • Sql Developer and/or Toad
  • Expert tuning skills in general and Exadata knowledge connected to tuning
  • Expert SQL and PL/SQL and up-to-date knowledge of the features
  • Deep knowledge of the inside workings of an Oracle Database
  • Deep knowledge of ASH, Datapump
  • Experience with Compression pack, Diagnostic/Tuning pack, Partitioning, Database
  • Skilled in Oracle Support, AWR, Alert.log, SPM, SQL Monitor, SQL Tuning Advisor, Oracle Listener
  • Experience with TNSNAMES syntax and definitions (including the use of services), Oracle parameters, Database Links, Indexing mechanisms, Security, Space management, User management
  • Good knowledge of RAC inner workings
  • Good knowledge of Triggers/Constraints/Indexes and the implications during migration of data of tables
  • Memory management and configuration on the Oracle Database
  • Node and Instance Load awareness
  • Patching of clients on laptops/windows servers
  • Experience with SSMS (Sql Server Management Studio), SqlCmd, Transact Sql, Sql Server Profiler

Nortal offers

  • Family-like environment and personal attention to each specialist
  • Direct cooperation with European and USA clients and their innovative products
  • Competitive salary and regular reviews
  • The work-life balance you deserve: 24 working days of paid vacations
  • Educational reimbursement, funded language classes, certifications
  • "Benefit Cafe with various categories like sport, leisure, books, fuel, etc.
  • Health care: 10 paid sick leaves, on-demand medical insurance, vaccinations
  • Cozy workplace and WFH opportunities
  • Exciting events and lovely gifts for your family

On-demand Relocation Support to Poland

  • Receive all documentation needed for relocation
  • Obtain transport, logistics and onboarding assistance
  • Get accommodation support

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