nocode rebels (ncr)

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nocode rebels (ncr) is an IT consulting and development firm bridging gap between hard-code and no-code technologies to make custom web and mobile app design and development faster and more affordable without losing on scalability and performance. Specializing in WeWeb, FlutterFlow, Webflow, and XANO, we offer an agile, cost-effective alternative to traditional technologies. Our mission is to empower social entrepreneurs and investors in the non-profit sector by turning visionary ideas into digital realities.

Founded by industry veterans with a passion for innovation and efficiency, ncr stands at the intersection of technology and social impact. Our comprehensive services span product research, design, development, testing, and maintenance, all tailored to the unique needs of tech non-profits. From rapid MVP development to AI integration and beyond, we’re dedicated to accelerating the success of our clients.

As a firm that values professionalism, authority, and a rebellious spirit, we’re always on the lookout for like-minded talent to join our ranks. If you’re driven by the challenge of shaping the future of tech non-profits and thrive in a dynamic, collaborative environment, ncr is your platform to excel.