We invent, design, build and grow digital ventures. In 2012 we started our first Digital Venture — Inigo. We kept our day jobs and worked on it between 9 PM to 3 AM: developed, launched, scaled to large user base, and navigated an exit by acquisition.
2 лютого 2022

Senior Full Stack JS Developer (вакансія неактивна)

віддалено $5000–7000

NineTwoThree Digital Ventures is a small fast growing firm based in Boston. We have built 9 startups of our own and specialize in custom software development (Mobile, Web, IoT) for clients in North America.

We invite skilled and ambitious Senior Full Stack developer to join the NineTwoThree team and help us develop and deploy next-level software.

In this role, you will be leading the team to produce high quality, efficient, scalable and easy to maintain codebase. Lead by example, promote agile values and engineering mindset.

Technology Stack: React, Redux, Node.js, Redis, Typescript, PostgreSQL, Socket.io.

Our teams are composed of: Project Manager, UI/UX designer, Systems Architect, Software Engineers, DevOps and Quality Engineers. Engineering team is based in the US and Eastern Europe.

We work in sprints: For each sprint, tasks are distributed among engineers. We use the following git flow: feature branch -> pull request -> code review -> merge.

You are expected to:

  • Design, implement, debug, document and improve software systems;
  • Integrate data from various back-end services and databases;
  • Gather and refine specifications and requirements based on technical needs;
  • Participate in sprint and project planning and estimation;
  • Create and maintain clean API documentation;
  • Review the code of your peers and follow our code style yourself;
  • Cover your codebase with Unit Tests;
  • Design database schemas, Migrations, Indexes and optimize the performance;
  • Take part in project / sprint planning and estimation;
  • Maintain app server and databases;
  • Escalate technical issues to the Team Lead and Project Manager;
  • Work with QA team for detailed testing;
  • Participate in all the necessary meetings within the company;

You need to have hands-on experience and good understanding of:

  • React.js (at least 3 years);
  • Node.js, JavaScript and Typescript (at least 3 years);
  • Microservices architecture;
  • Relational and no-SQL databases — MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis etc;
  • RESTful API design and implementation;
  • OAuth and single sign-on (SAML);
  • GIT-based source management (Stash, Bitbucket, etc.);
  • Performance analysis and improvement;
  • Excited to explore technologies, develop new skills, and share knowledge;
  • Upper-Intermediate level of English (both spoken and written).

Hiring process:

We value your time and ours and make the process fast and easy. Short introduction with HR hiring manager, Technical interview with CTO and Engineering Team Lead, Offer.

Compensation: Up to $7000, annual salary review.

We have been a 100% remote company since 2012. Strong positive engineering culture, tightly knit team of professionals with a good sense of humor. You will become a better engineer. Guaranteed.

Flexible working hours: you can choose when you can start working, 9 AM? Good. 1 PM? That’s ok for us.

Paid Time Off: 15 days off per year during the first 3 years, further increasing to 20 days in later years + 10 National Holidays.

Other benefits you will have:

  • Hardware upon business needs.
  • Unlimited access to the courses on the pluralsight.com, assistance in obtaining certifications.
  • Library of books.

If you are still here, please find examples of projects you could (and should) join:

  • We’re building a SaaS business for a construction company from Boston helping to comply with safety regulations at the construction sites. The goal is to reduce injuries at work caused by operating large and dangerous construction equipment (bulldozers, graders, etc.)
    The product includes a native mobile application for iOS and Android as well as the Web App for the back office.
  • A Medical start-up from Boston spent the last 5 years developing a new kind of breathing and heart rate sensors that do not need to be worn on the body. NineTwoThree is building an IoT platform that collects data from sensors, calculates the baseline and sends notifications to medical personnel and relatives if indicators get out of norm.
  • Our own 7th startup — a virtual event platform that focuses on interactivity to keep participants interested and engaged. Challenges are Streaming, video conferencing, group discussions, one-on-one sessions, watch parties, polls, announcement, chats and more.