Our mission is to become the market leader in providing affordable, powerful, and intuitive business communication services including VoIP phone service, virtual fax, analytics, virtual conferencing, customer management products, surveys, and chat, powered by our NextOS platform.

Our vision is to become your number one choice for serving all of your business communication needs. Our primary objective is to reach this goal through creating powerful, simple, user-friendly products with the highest level of reliability, and providing what we call “Amazing Service®

In 2005, Tomas Gorny, Nextiva co-founder and CEO, was in search of a VoIP phone system that could support a business with over 300 customer service representatives. The solutions available on the market at the time were either too complicated, inefficient, overpriced, or all of the above. There just weren’t any low-cost and intuitive solutions available for businesses.

This inspired Tomas to take action and revolutionize the VoIP market. He saw an opportunity to create innovative and inclusive phone solutions that businesses of all levels could affordably access. They also had to be user-friendly, flexible, and reliable.

Nextiva was founded in 2006 and we embarked on a journey to develop and launch a first-class VoIP business solution.

We focus on innovation.

Our strategy and a huge key to our success has been our focus on innovation. We are constantly improving our products and services and transforming the communications industry by launching top-of-the-line solutions that make a difference.

We’re on a mission to create the best products available. This mindset has allowed us to set a leading pace and determine the direction of our industry.

Since we entered the market, we humbly take credit for changing some of its dynamics to the benefit of all businesses. We feel fortunate to have had a hand in reshaping VoIP when it was an emerging industry.

Our success with VoIP allowed us to expand our offerings and create innovative new tools and solutions for businesses. We now offer a diverse line-up of unified communications products and services for small, medium, and enterprise-level businesses.

Featured Products & Services:

NextOS uniquely channels powerful workflow automation and predictive modeling into a natively-built platform that makes business communication an effortless experience. Solutions include:

Nextiva Voice: Empower your team with the best business phone service on the market. Our feature-rich voice service is scalable for any business and you can manage it from wherever you go.

Nextiva Chat: Live chat software lets you connect with customers in real-time.

Nextiva CRM: Manage all your customer interactions in one place and gain the insight you need to turn customers into fans!

Nextiva Surveys: Collect the answers you need with survey software that lets you understand your audience better. Make better decisions for your business.

Nextiva Analytics: Our intuitive analytics software enables businesses to view, analyze, and act on their call data to make the best data-driven decisions for their business. Our dashboard makes it easy to interpret and visualize data from anywhere.

Nextiva Office: Make the move from analog to VoIP. Smoothly transition from a traditional phone system to feature-rich VoIP services.

Call Center Solutions: Instantly access your enterprise-grade call center solution and quickly scale to respond to fluctuations in call volume.

Click on the link to watch a video about what’s it like working at Nextiva — youtu.be/cIcWTvnVrRE.

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