29 травня 2023

Senior Web Developer (вакансія неактивна)


We are looking for a passionate Senior Web Developer to become a part of the world’s largest retailer of furniture and home accessories. You will join a diverse team that works with designers and developers across the world to understand their needs from the design system.

Apply now and add a Multination Corporation to your resume!


  • Development, quality assurance and maintenance of high-quality code in JavaScript/TypeScript (React, Vue 3 and Web Components) for the npm packages.
  • Work in agile teams across the capability areas, contributing to the development and maintenance of products and solutions
  • Create inclusive products with an accessibility first approach
  • Apply and adhere to best practices in software engineering (e.g. DRY principles, TDD and BDD, continuous integration, automated tests, pair programming, code reviews) within an agile/iterative development approach
  • Provide support and guidance as needed to other developers within and outside the team, encouraging best practices
  • Contribute to the continuous development of standards against which software development should take place
  • Explore and bring in new technologies to boost innovation and development productivity
  • Work closely with other software engineers and cross functions to produce all required design specifications and ensure that digital solutions work together and fulfil business needs


  • Proven ability to deliver high quality code using and encouraging good practices
  • JavaScript/TypeScript (React, Vue 3 and Web Components)
  • Curious nature and actively acquire new knowledge, skills, champion new methods, digital systems and processes to improve performance
  • Any experience developing an inclusive design system is a big plus
  • You enjoy close collaborative work and are excited by opportunities to teach and learn
  • Able to work agile and do continuous improvements within the software engineering function

What we offer

🌍 Relocation to Sweden: Immerse yourself in Sweden’s picturesque landscapes and vibrant culture, while having the project of your life

🏢 On-site Work: Collaborate with talented engineers that change this world through technology

💰 Financial and Legal Support: We’ve got you covered! You receive comprehensive assistance with financial matters and legal processes to ensure a smooth transition

🚀 Full-Cycle Relocation Assistance: We understand the challenges of moving. Our dedicated team will guide you through every step, ensuring your relocation is hassle-free.

🌟 Multinational Corporation for Your Resume: Become a part of something global and large scale. Contribute to the world’s largest furniture conglomerate and impact this world.

🤩 Bring your Ideas to 1 Billion People: You have a chance to affect the lives of billions of people daily. Take this opportunity and run the world!

About the project

Our partner is the world’s largest retailer of furniture and home accessories, covering about 1% of global wood consumption for commercial products.

They offer a wide range of home furnishings, kitchen appliances and various other goods that reflect the Scandinavian design aesthetic. Around 10,000 products are available at any one time, and the websites are visited by over 2.1 billion people annually.

If you aspire to bring forth innovation and make a meaningful contribution to the lives of a billion people worldwide, let’s join!