17 травня 2023

DevOps Engineer (вакансія неактивна)


We are looking for a DevOps Engineer to help the team create a fully automated infrastructure that adheres to DevOps principles, including DORA metrics and the Engineering Baseline.

You will join the team that consists of Back-End and Full Stack engineers and will work in a product set up with a Product Owner, Product Specialist and an Engineering Manager.

The team works in an agile methodology and drives a lot of experimentation to ensure that Objectives are driven and met.


  • Helping hand to an already seasoned team to experiment and improve our current state of the infrastructure and feature growth
  • Coding, backend development, experimentation, exploration
  • Being a part of a product team and providing production support
  • Work in agile ways of working


  • Have a proven track record of delivering high-quality services by having experience in designing secure, scalable, and resilient systems in JVM languages
  • Have experience designing secure, scalable, and resilient systems
  • To be familiar with cloud computing platforms (preferably GCP)
  • Have used deployment automation tools such as Terraform and GitHub Actions
  • An understanding of modern observability practices such as distributed tracing, structured logging and metrics
  • Want to grow an inclusive engineering culture based on DevOps principles
  • Have experience of coding in Java, Kotlin or other JVM languages
  • Have experience in building full CI/CD pipelines
  • Have experience with Kubernetes, containers and Linux
  • Great written and verbal communication skills
  • An understanding of modern observability practices such as distributed tracing, structured logging and metrics
  • Have used deployment automation tools such as Terraform and GitHub Actions to build CI/CD pipelines

Soft skills:

  • Communication: Strong verbal and written communication skills are essential for conveying ideas, discussing requirements, and collaborating with team members.
  • Problem-solving: Software engineers often encounter complex problems that require critical thinking and analytical skills.
  • Collaboration: Software development is rarely a solitary endeavor. The ability to work well in a team, contribute ideas.
  • Adaptability: The field of software engineering is constantly evolving, with new technologies, methodologies, and tools emerging regularly. Being adaptable and open to learning new things is essential for staying relevant and maintaining a competitive edge.
  • Time management: Effective time management skills, such as setting realistic goals, prioritizing tasks, and managing your workload efficiently, are vital for meeting deadlines and delivering high-quality work.

What we offer

🌍 Relocation to Sweden: Immerse yourself in Sweden’s picturesque landscapes and vibrant culture, while having the project of your life

🏢 On-site Work: Collaborate with talented engineers that change this world through technology

💰 Financial and Legal Support: We’ve got you covered! You receive comprehensive assistance with financial matters and legal processes to ensure a smooth transition

🚀 Full-Cycle Relocation Assistance: We understand the challenges of moving. Our dedicated team will guide you through every step, ensuring your relocation is hassle-free.

🌟 Multination Corporation for Your Resume: Become a part of something gigantic and large scale. Contribute to the world’s largest furniture conglomerate and impact this world.

🤩 Bring your Ideas to 1 Billion People: You have a chance to effect the lives of billions of people daily. Take this opportunity and run the world!

About the project

Our partner is the world’s largest retailer of furniture and home accessories, covering about 1% of global wood consumption for commercial products.

They offer a wide range of home furnishings, kitchen appliances and various other goods that reflect the Scandinavian design aesthetic. Around 10,000 products are available at any one time, and the websites are visited by over 2.1 billion people annually.

If you aspire to bring forth innovation and make a meaningful contribution to the lives of a billion people worldwide while working in a multinational company, let’s join!