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8 июня 2020

Middle Golang Back-End Developer (вакансия неактивна)

Киев до $3500

Необходимые навыки

All our systems follow service oriented architecture (SOA), based on Microservices and Kubernetes as container orchestration. External and internal portals based on React. Product client side based on AMP.
Production environment is Google Cloud platform.

All candidates should be team players and targeted to be team leaders. Good communication skills, both verbal and written.
Git and GitHub for project management and issue tracking.

Backend job description
We are looking for a full stack developer, with an accent to the server side. Flinch at the idea of migrating legacy OOP systems to Functional while focusing on zero downtime. Strong understanding of SOA principles and container base architectures. Strong understanding of several types of databases, relational, key/value and Document base. Experience with a large code base.

— Critical — good team member.
— Strong knowledge and experience with SOA.
— Strong knowledge and proven experience with Go programming language.
— Knowledge of algorithm development and implementation
— Knowledge and understanding of networking, especially HTTP protocol.
— Knowledge and experience with kubernetes.
— Knowledge and understanding client side technologies such as pure JavaScript and basic frameworks, protocols REST,JSON and others.
— Develop functional, technical diagrams and documentation of your work.
— Design and implementation of data access layer and databases.

Будет плюсом

Google cloud platform


Remote work for the period of coronavirus
Great management
Competitive salary
Medical insurance
Team buildings
Free meals, fruits, sweets and cookies
Flexible working schedule
Modern and comfortable office near the Vystavkovyi center


Work with the CTO as we continue to add new features to existing products and build new ones.
Implement and contribute to engineering practices and processes.
Help and be part of system design and architecture.
You will have the ability to learn new technologies and tools to grow your individual skill set.
There are 3 team members and we are looking for more.

О проекте

Technology and systems overview
Ad-tech company — www.mobcomedia.com
Product company — inchtv.ai (mobile)
E-Commerce — goodget.io

We have strong, already implemented infrastructure. Our products are in beta phase and active development and design process continues. Kinds of our systems:
1. High traffic processing, like 2B requests per day. Real-time analysis data and processing.
2. S2S integration with many types of servers. Resource management via API, data collection, analysis and processing.
3. Consumer product based on automatic content generation and intelligent presentation. Targeted platforms we, mobile web, TV, mobile applications.

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