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  • 7 грудня 2022
    Principal Solutions Architect віддалено
    Objective The Principal Solutions Architect (PSA) in Neurons Lab is the central figure of every project. They fill in-between Customer goals and requirements, technologies that fulfill them best, and experts practicing them.
  • 7 грудня 2022
    Cloud Infrastructure Engineer віддалено
    Objective No matter how cool your Big Data solution is — w/o the solid ground underneath, it will be no more resilient than Three Little Pigs houses. In Neurons Lab, developing such a solid foundation is the central task of Cloud Infrastructure Engineers (IE).
  • 30 листопада 2022
    Senior Sales Manager віддалено
    Objective The goals are to generate new business, turn leads into customers, close deals, and ensure customer success once the project is launched.
  • 25 листопада 2022
    Lead Generation Specialist $600–1000 віддалено
    The goal of the business development team is to find service and business model market fit, create a stable and predictable sales pipeline Key results — Collect contacts for ABM and outreach campaigns according to the KPIsChallenges & responsibilities — collection, validation,...
  • 9 листопада 2022
    The main goal of this role is to set up and fulfill marketing strategies geared towards raising brand awareness, generating leads Challenges & Responsibilities — Collaborate with other Business Development team members to plan marketing campaigns— Create and manage editorial...
  • 9 листопада 2022
    The main goal of this role is to create outstanding content pieces across multiple digital channels to drive brand awareness, engagement, online visibility, leads Challenges & Responsibilities — Create and publish engaging content for various online channels and social...
  • 9 листопада 2022
    ML Delivery Manager віддалено
    We are looking for ML Delivery Manager to join our team in leading our AI projectsThe goal of the delivery team is to make our clients happy while developing custom ML solutions for them Responsibilities — Keep an elusive balance between customer centricity, project team satisfaction,...