NeuraLegion — Israeli company with branches in England and the USA develops a SaaS product that uses AI to help developers find security breaches in their applications. Our Mission: Help you build secure applications. Fast We help companies secure web applications with AI-powered application security testing that quickly uncovers flaws.
16 ноября 2021

Senior backend developer Node.js

удаленно $4200–7000

NeuraLegion — an Israeli company develops a SaaS product that uses AI to help developers find security breaches in their applications. So, we are looking for candidates from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine for a full-time remote job in our multinational company. Our position is a

senior backend developer.


• minimum 5 years experience in back end/full stack development
• Proficiency in ES and TypeScript
• Strong work experience with Node.js and its frameworks like Express.js, Koa.js, etc.
• High level of experience in data storage technologies like PostgreSQL, MongoDB and Elastic search
• Experience with authentication methods like Kerberos, SSO, Active Directory or similar
• Strong knowledge of OOP and design and architecture patterns such as DDD, Event Sourcing and CQRS
• Experience with Unit and e2e testing, the understanding difference between BDD and TDD • Experience with Docker, k8s and configuration management tools.
• Experience with Angular.

So, candidates should know:
2. Design Patterns (GoF)

1. Event loop
2. Micro- and macro-tasks
3. Streams

1. Domain-Driven design (DDD)
2. Event-driven architecture (EDA)
3. Microservice architecture

• Continuous delivery and other DevOps practices
• Performance analysis and optimization techniques
• Client-side development
• Cloud computing (AWS, GCP, Azure, etc)


• Full remote employment, scheduled according to Moscow time.
• Research and develop multidisciplinary problems and solutions, working with cutting-edge technologies. Interesting tasks for enthusiastic programmers)
• Direct interaction with the company’s management.
Salary based on the results of the interview, we are ready to conduct a constructive dialogue with the best candidate and the final payment may be much higher than the starting one.
• Payment for vacation, sick leave, etc.