3 лютого 19:00

Борька Шапошников, Game designer в NEMESIS

Have you player Resident Evil? So, the company “NEMESIS” is as cool as this game.

My probation period on Game-Designer position was smooth, I have been given all needed to be able to work during electricity outages in Ukraine. 

Company policies are person-oriented, I feel happy working here, processes are easy, people are friendly and talented.

There are always room to improve, but current state is already top level in between all companies I’ve had experience with.

I recomend NEMESIS!


Підтримали:  Yevhen Mheladze Anastasia Kravchenko


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Dear Borys,
It’s always a pleasure to receive positive feedback. Thank you for sharing.
Team Talent will do our best to keep our employee experience up. We always rely on your continuous feedback 😉