Enterprise platform for remote hiring of vetted IT specialists. We have worked in IT for several decades now, and we have seen it all. We have heard HRs praising fringe benefits and team-building. It’s okay, but it can be simplified. Do you still believe in free cookies, company growth, educational allowance, and loans coverage?
11 августа 2021

Senior Java developer

Киев, удаленно от $4000

We are looking for senior developers for various business domains. Mainly banking, retail or logistics.

If you’re looking for a stable team, code as a priority and development in the corporate stack — you’re the right place!

What is important for us:

  • From 3 years of professional experience as a backend developer
  • Confident knowledge of data structures, algorithms and object-oriented design
  • Knowledge of Java SE, Spring Framework, Spring Boot
  • Knowledge of Hadoop, Spark, Storm or other data analysis systems, both batch and real time
  • Knowledge of MySQL or Postgres, HBase, Redis, Ehcache or other Java-based cache
  • Knowledge of JavaScript, HTML and CSS

Will be a plus:

  • Experience in creating complex, multi-user and highly loaded systems
  • Experience with Linux, common open source Java frameworks
  • Experience using the Kotlin language on the server side
  • Experience in big data analysis
  • Knowledge of Kubernetes / Docker and basic concepts of container-based deployment
  • Knowledge of best software development practices, including coding standards, code reviews, source code control management, assembly, testing, and operation processes
  • Ability to work and achieve results in a dynamically changing environment

NAYM — enterprise platform for remote hiring vetted IT specialists.

Most importantly, we offer you outstaffing. Bullshit, you might think. Well, we have been thinking that for a while now. Now we don’t.

We redesigned it, removed everything useless, and left only the essentials. We leave only what’s important and give everyone what they need. Enterprise gets developers, vendors get new business, and developers get jobs.