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16 липня 2021 11:29



I want to report to you about the unpleasant situation that occurred with one of your HR-recruiter ( Kateryna Sokolova )

As we are living in Ukraine our official language is Ukrainian, as we are using LinkedIn good practice is to use English for communication and as Naviko has HQ in the US looks like communication in English should be used by default.
For some reason, your recruiter wrote me in the Russian language, but I don’t have Russian in a list of languages I know or understand in my LinkedIn profile.
When I asked your recruiter why she wrote me in Russian she started to arguing and generate some random “statistic” numbers of Russian-speaking people in Ukraine without any proof and that “statistics” means that I also should understand Russian as well. Then I provided a link that shows she is wrong, but she just told that “Wiki it’s not the best site for proof information” so her personal opinion is more reliable proof.
I can provide details of our conversation to the company’s management if needed.

Such behavior is totally unprofessional for the recruiter and such people may harm your company’s reputation.
Please take some actions to improve the hiring process in your company in Ukraine.


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